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What our integration with BB Data can do for you?

What does the solution include?
Labelprint and Lagerskan have been developed in collaboration with BB Data and include both hardware, programming, software, and labels.

The solution operates using a handheld terminal that scans a barcode on a shipment. From there, it communicates directly with the Dropboy platform, retrieving and delivering the necessary data to print shipping labels with route details.

With the integration, it is easy to sort the deliveries into the correct routes. Subsequently, a label is automatically printed and can be affixed to the box. When the label is printed, it is updated in the Dropboy platform.

Inbound scanning
The solution functions by scanning and identifying any missing packages and orders.

With the integration, it is easy to obtain a comprehensive overview of any potentially missing packages when the goods are received at the terminal. The solution is used, among other things, to confirm the actual receipt of goods and update the shipper regarding any deficiencies before distribution begins.

Hardware and software
Hardware is a significant part of the solution. The Zebra TC26 handheld terminal is used to scan the boxes. The Zebra ZQ230 and ZD420 printers are used to print labels that are affixed to the boxes.

A user interface has been developed where the software is implemented on the handheld terminal.

The user interface is developed with user login and implemented with an error handling system.

The NFC Bluetooth connection ensures that the label is automatically printed on the connected printer after scanning.

The label is developed in ZPL, which is a way to design labels and determine how they will look when printed.

Soti Management is a tool used, for remote management of handheld terminals. By using Soti on the handheld terminals, BB Data can quickly and easily provide remote support in case of technical issues.

The solution is developed for Android 10 and will work with all Zebra Bluetooth label printers.

About BB Data

The IT company BB Data has collaborated with Dropboy on multiple occasions, developing robust and comprehensive solutions for mutual customers.

Since 1982, BB Data has been streamlining, organizing, and developing work processes and inventory and logistics management through barcode-based data collection. BB Data primarily sells hardware from Honeywell and Zebra Technologies and has assisted numerous customers with label printers, handheld scanners, and handheld terminals. Their approach to customers has remained unchanged. Thorough and competent advice has fostered long-term customer relationships and ensured customer satisfaction.

Today, there are many requirements for how a supply chain should function and how efficient it should be. This often necessitates the establishment of robust and sustainable data processing systems and investment in the right hardware, which BB Data specializes in. Barcode-based data collection tailored to the customer’s needs is the optimal solution for optimizing inventory management, spanning a wide range of industries such as healthcare, warehousing, logistics, and industrial production.

BB Data is a qualified reseller that provides solid hardware solutions with high-quality support. They maintain open dialogue with customers throughout the entire process. Customers are assisted every step of the way, from advising and guiding product selection to implementation, maintenance, and product replacement.

The collaboration between BB Data and Dropboy benefits many customers, as their respective competencies complement each other excellently. It is indeed a collaboration with many advantages.

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