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Your time is important!

Optimize routing

Dropboy makes it easy to plan the most optimal routes for your daily deliveries. Your orders are automatically assigned to vehicles with available capacity.

Stop calling

Your drivers are automatically booked for new assignments with the Driver app. Then you don’t have to do it.

No manual reporting

Your drivers will easily document deliveries in the App, so you and your customers have access to all the information you need.

Streamline your processes

Dropboy is based on standard procedures and ensures that your work processes will run smoothly.

Fewer expenses, increased bottom line.

Take control

You chose your drivers and which transport partners to collaborate with. It means higher quality of service for your customers and better economy for you.

Papers goodbye

Bills of lading and other documents require physical storage space and are more prone to errors in your processes. Say goodbye to papers and hello to a digital workday.

Foresee problems, before they impact

With Dropboy standard processes, less is likely to go wrong. Avoid expensive workarounds when your deliveries just NEED to go out.

Offer your customers the best experience

Get closer to your customer

Provide your customer with an experience as if you made the delivery yourself. With Dropboy you chose your transportation partners, making it possible to take the brand experience all the way to the customer’s door step.

Let your customer stay informed

A delivery can be tracked from start to delivery. Your customer is immediately informed about any changes in ETA.

Deliver on time

Managing your work processes will put you in control of your deliveries – and provide timely deliveries.

Extend your opening hours

Your customers may submit orders for same-day delivery – right up to the driver leaving your distribution center.

Freedom to operate

Get overview and details

All your deliveries are only a click away.

Scale your business

Dropboy creates stability in your work processes and freedom to operate and expand.

Know where your vehicles are

Maintain a complete overview of your vehicle’s geopositions. Never say no to a new assignment again.

Get started in just 2 minutes

The Dropboy system will help you get started. Its FREE to sign up and you will receive a 30 days free trial period.

Get started

Its easy, fast and free to sign up for Dropboy. There is hardly any reason not to.


Signing up is easy and free


Enter a few pieces of information about your company, and start adding vehicles or transport partners to the system.


You are now ready to use Dropboy and make your business more effective, manageable and lean.